Tesco introduce store map app

With a company saying of “Every Little Helps” Tesco are always keen to exploit every angle in order to make sure that customers are getting what they want. In this case, it seems that Tesco feel that customers need help finding their way around the store and believe it or not, there is an app for that!

In a trial taking place at the Tesco Extra outlet in Romford, Essex. Android users will be able to download the app and find their way around the Romford store getting everything that they need covering the shortest distance and in the fastest time, you just cannot go wrong with something like this!

According to Nick Lansley, who is the Head of Research and Development at Tesco.com,

“The new service is able to show you where all your wanted products are on a store map, show you where you are on that map, and guide you round the store to pick up your products using the shortest route.”

It seems that if this is a success, the Android App will be rolled out to cover all Tesco stores around the UK. However, the question has to be asked is, will iPhone users get the chance to use this app or not?

Source [Wireless Federation]