Wet Smartphone Emergency Kit

Spilling some liquid onto a Smartphone would normally spell disaster! However, dropping the device into water so that it is fully under for a number of seconds! Well this is just too much to think about; in fact, I have a cold sweat just thinking about it!

However, it seems that this may not be the end of the world after all, if the Wet Smartphone Emergency Kit by DRY-ALL actually does what it says it can do and demonstrates in the video.

Here is how the Wet Smartphone Emergency Kit by DRY-ALL works!

Do NOT press buttons. Remove battery from phone immediately (iPhone users ONLY turn off phone immediately).

Phone wet by Salt water, Soda, Beer? Rinse phone with distilled water.

Towel dry phone.

Place phone in container with the phones screen facing up. Seal Lid.

Follow Dry Chart

Time Phone is Wet

Suggested Dry Time

Less than 5 seconds – 6 Hours

Less than 30 seconds – 24 Hours

30 seconds or longer – 48 Hours

Open lid. Repeat Step 5, if moisture remains

When dry, Replace battery and turn on phone.

Seal container lid, Save for future wet phones, Use until blue beads are gone.

Priced at £35 ($47)

Source [Technabob]