The Walking Dead Board Games

We are in that zone where the first series of the Walking Dead has finished and the second series is not due until the end of the year, what to do! Well there is one thing that may help pass the months away and it’s the Walking Dead board game, in fact there are two of these coming to the market, how cool is that!

These games follow two separate paths; the first is line the comic books, so fans of the TV series might struggle slightly with the Z Man Game. However, it is a six player board game with the player being human fighting off the zombie population.

However, there is the board game from Cryptozoic Entertainment, this game does follow the TV series and has the added bonus of allowing the player to continue playing as a zombie after being infected, and well it’s better than dying isn’t it?

Both of these games will be priced at around £30, although it is not yet known when they will be released.

Source [Nerd Approved]