Two million players for Battlestar Galactica Online Game

It may have only been just three months since the launch of the cool online game Battlestar Galactica Online Game (BGOG), this massively multiplayer online game (MMOG) has attracted over two million players in that short time, which is quite amazing, and you could say that it is out of this world!

Anyway, BGOG is a free to use browser based game, for those with the right tech, it can be 3D, but for it is an intense and thrilling game, where players get to fly around in either Colonial or Cylon fighters as the player gets further into the game they are earning points that can be used to purchase better equipment such as nukes!

According to Rob Ollett, who is the managing director of Bigpoint International:

“With BSGO continuing to achieve new benchmarks, and receive such a strong positive response from the fans, we’re excited to take its development to the next level,”

There is plenty of information available from the Battlestar Galactica Online website, this is where the new player can register and get flying, so what are you waiting for, the battle is not going to be won with you doing nothing!

Source [Geeky Gadgets]