Websites have a year to comply the Cookie Directive!

Following discussions at the EU, it seems that there will not be sweeping changes taking place over a couple days to way that internet cookies are deployed by websites. This is going to be a longer process now and in fact, the heat is off because website will have a year to make sure that they comply with the EU directive on cookies.

What the changes will mean for website owners is they must obtain permission from the user before a cookie is stored on the user’s computer.

According to the communications minister, Ed Vaizey;

“We recognise that some website users have real concerns around online privacy but also recognise that cookies play a key role in the smooth running of the internet,”

He finished off by saying;

“But it will take some time for workable technical solutions to be developed, evaluated and rolled out so we have decided that a phased in approach is right,”

Enforcing any changes will ultimately by the job of Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) and according the Information Commissioner, Christopher Graham;

“It would obviously ruin some users’ browsing experience if they needed to negotiate endless pop-ups – and I am not saying that businesses have to go down that road,” he said.

He continued by saying;

“Equally I have to remember that this law has been brought in to give consumers more choice about what companies know about them,”

Browsers are being helpful to users too; the latest versions of Internet Explorer and Mozilla’s Firefox both offer the user “Do Not Track” features and Chrome are in the process of doing so.

Source [BBC]