Are you transparent or anonymous on the internet?

There are a few ways of behaving on the internet, but mainly you can be yourself with everything up front and nothing to hide or you can be totally anonymous covering your actions from day one, using multiple identities to make sure that your true identity remains safe and secure.

In fact, most people use a mixture of both and in actual fact it can be beneficial to hide your date of birth and where you born as this can thwart identity thieves. So there a couple of advantages there as you are able to change your age to something more suitable and tell everyone that you were born somewhere exotic.

This info graphic demonstrates the vision of two famous people who strongly connected to the internet, Mark Zuckerburg, founder of social networking site Facebook and Christopher “Moot” Poole founder of the bulletin and image board site, 4Chan, both of these guys have a strong internet presence but both are on opposite sides of the coin when it comes to anonymity.

What do think about this subject, are for being transparent or anonymous or maybe there is a touch of both in your online presence!

Source [Social Spew]