What is your G Force?

Ever wondered how many G’s you are pulling? Well this cool iPhone app from Porsche will let you know exactly how many G’s you are pulling. This app is free to download and will work under most conditions however do not expect to see yourself pulling serious gravitational forces unless you are race car driver or fighter pilot! Never the less this is going to be interesting to see what happens during a normal day and besides it is free, so there is nothing to lose at all.

These are the features and specs for the Porsche gForce app powered by Mobil1;

Porsche G-Force powered by Mobil 1 – What type of gravitational force are you pulling? The Porsche G-Force 6 app combines your love of driving and performance to keep track of your driving speed, distance, duration and G-Force.

What does it do?

See real-time values during your drive with a large, digital display of your driving statistics.

Once your drive is complete, view the range of your G-Force throughout the duration of your drive.

Keep track of past driving experiences with a history log of your drives.

View top G-Force and top speeds reached.

Share your results with friends via Twitter or e-mail.

Stay on top of the latest official Porsche news with their current news feed.

Select unit settings to Standard or Metric.

This is a free app downloadable from the iTunes Store

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