Close Encounter in the Forest!

Imagine walking through the forest and suddenly coming face to face with this structure! The only conclusion that you can bring is that this is a UFO, it is a little small, but who said that aliens have to be the same size as we are!

Well this object has the right shape, it even has a few landing lights and it is hovering above the ground, so what else could it possibly be?

What about a futuristic tree house, with bedroom, bathroom, kitchen and living area, with all of the mod cons necessary to have a nice and peaceful weekend away from it all. Could it possibly be that, well it is more likely to be that, than it being ET’s transport home!

The shape gives it the feel of looking like a UFO, but the inside gives all of its secrets away, it is a cool room in the air that is ideal for short holidays or even to be used as an office, I would have one of those please!

Source [Coolest Gadgets]