Handheld camera and printer

This is something that would initially look like something that is in the concept stages, but in actually fact this is a real product and it will be going on sale very soon. It is a neat piece of design, as you can swipe the device across paper or fabric and it will print the chosen image. This is great for parties etc where you can get some plain T Shirts, take a picture of the person whose birthday, stag, hen or other party it is and print them up!

These are the features and specs for the PrintBrush 4×6;

RMPT Full technology

5M pixel digital camera

Lexmark colour cartridge 600 dpi

Philips Laser Doppler sensors

µSD Memory Card and USB 2.0

When this eventually gets on the shelves of the stores it will be costing around £90

Source [Oh Gizmo]