Future Living with the Inspiration Archipod

Could this be the accommodation that some people could be using in the future, well probably because this is available right now for around £30,000, which may sound like quite a lot for a building that is a mere twelve feet across! It is made from a stainless steel frame and has pothole style windows and can be connected up to a power source, so this would make a cool office or spare bedroom!

These are the features and details for the cool looking Inspiration Archipod;

A stainless steel-framed porthole window provides a view to the outdoors and more can be added if desired. A locking gull-wing door that raises and lowers assisted by an air piston provides access to the Archipod. A built-in electric panel heater provides warmth when contemplating life’s challenges during the cold, short days of winter while the roof’s 6′ diameter polycarbonate dome opens on a hinge to let in natural light and the invigorating scents of spring. Ceiling-mounted, dimmable lights provide mood lighting and two double-socket electrical outlets enable the use of a computer or other instrument of inspiration. Optional flooring, lighting, and office accessories available. External dimensions: 13′ 2″ Diam. x 9′ H (2,500 lbs.)

Priced at $40,000

Source [Coolest Gadgets]