New style of business card

When you hand over a business card, you do not want it stand out and not end up at the bottom of a pile or worse still in the bin! these cards from Cardnetics has come up with the very cool looking design with an iris in the middle that can make a neat animation and is sure to be attractive to anyone that you leave it with, but at £4 to £5 each you are going to have be a careful to who you give these out too!

Here are the details for the brilliant iris style business card from Cardnetics;

This is an iris mechanism built into a business card sized card. For simplicity and to help keep the thickness low it only has 3 leafs. This particular design does not scale well to more leafs unless it is made much larger. The initial design did have four leafs and is built in a way that would allow it to scale to a different number of leafs more easily. If anyone is interested I could upload that as well.

Prices start from around £5 including double sided colour printing

Source [Oh Gizmo]