The First Practical Jetpack

This is what we mean when talk about transport of the future, forget cars! For this is a personal jetpack, just like the one James Bond used in the 1960’s. This machine is not quite ready for production but it is well into the development stages as the video shows.

The jetpack is super cool, in the video, they estimate that it can reach eight thousand feet and has a range of just over thirty miles and can travel at around 63 mph. who knows in couple of years time these machines could be a regular sighting in the skies above.

Here are the specs and features for the Martin Jetpack;

Height – 5 ft

Width – 5.5 ft

Length – 5 ft

Structure – Carbon fibre composite

Empty weight – 250 lbs (excluding safety equipment)

Gross weight – 535 lbs

Useful (Pilot) Load – 280 lbs+

Maximum thrust – 600 lbs+

Fuel Capacity – 5 US gallons (as required by FAA Part 103, Ultralight Regulations)

Fuel burn – 10.0 gph

Engine – Martin Aircraft 2.0 L V4 2 stroke, rated at 200 hp (150 kw). Max 6000 rpm.

Electrical system – 12 V DC Battery, starter, 360 w alternator.

Rotor – Carbon / Kevlar composite diameter 1.7 ft

Max – 7058 rpm

Range – 31.5 miles (at max speed of 63 mph as required by FAA part 103).

Hover in ground effect – 8000 ft (estimated)

Hover above ground effect – 8000 ft (estimated)

Standard Equipment – Flight and Engine displays; Harness; Ballistic Parachute; Retractable undercarriage; Energy absorbing undercarriage.

Classification – Meets the requirements of the FAA Part 103, Ultralight Regulations

Pilot License – The Ultralight class does not require an FAA recognised pilots license.

Source [Ubergizmo]