This is the phone of the future!

Here is a cool idea for future phones; it comes from an idea of Chengyuan Wei from Weii Design. This design starts off as a flat piece of card and then with a few little manipulations, this card becomes a usable phone; just add a sim card and you are good to go. Once you are fed up with the phone, simply chuck it in the recycling bin and start off all over again. Because these are made from card, they can be branded and so this opens up all sorts of opportunities for businesses to give these away as mobile adverts for their products. It could be good but that would depend on the product I suppose!

This how the concept design was initially thought up by Weii Design;

Everyday objects such as telephone are good example of these unified systems. Although less and less people use telephone, there are over thousands of telephone are made every day which are all look the same, and even no changes have been made during the past several decades.

Source [Gizmag]