Tooway offers 50 MB Satellite Broadband

The satellite broadband provider Eutelsat has upgraded its service to provide a competitive broadband service that is available across the UK no matter how rural because no fixed line phone service is required! This is an interesting idea to fill in the gaps where fixed line broadband simply cannot reach.

Naturally there are going to be some costs involved, one off £199 or £10 per month payment for the equipment and a further £199 installation fee, but after that broadband can be delivered anywhere in the UK.

These are the features of the satellite broadband service provided by Tooway in the UK;

Tooway is a bi-directional satellite solution bringing always-on, high-speed internet access to all Europe and the Mediterranean Basin. The small, easy to set-up, outside satellite dish connects your pc or home network directly to the Internet directly via the satellite without the need for a telephone line.

According to Steve Petrie, the northern European director for Eutelsat subsidiary Skylogic:

“We have the entire UK covered, and customers can order the service from today and be up and running within weeks,”

Pricing starts from £29.99 per month with

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