The Plugys for the iPhone Headphone port

It seems that any open port on almost any device has to be filled by something that is totally unrelated and anyone who has had an iPhone will know that at the top there is an open port for the user to put a headphone jack in. So when it is not in use, why not try one these Plugys port protectors, there are six designs so when you get fed up with a tap you can change it to a key etc!

These are the features and details for the Plugys Earphone Jack Accessories;

Put Plugys into your Smartphone, music player or anything with an earphone jack to give it an interest and unique new look! Give your Smartphone the look of an apple or a clock! Let the fun begin!! It’s also useful, it prevents dirt from getting into the earphone jack!

Priced at around £3 ($4.90)

Source [Oh Gizmo]