Microsoft release details on Windows 8

The world’s largest software developer Microsoft has been offering some insight into its next operating system, codenamed unsurprisingly Windows 8! It has been designed to work with touchscreen devices and because of this, it looks remarkably like Windows Phone 7 with coloured tiles for easy navigation.

It looks as if there is no start button or program icons either, instead there will be tiles that take the user directly to the services that they require.

According to Steven Sinofsky, the president of the Windows division at Microsoft who was speaking at the D9 conference at Computex 2011 in Taipei;

“What we tried to do with Windows 8 is really re-imagine how to work with the PC, we looked from the ground up at how you interact with Windows, the kind of programs you can run and how you get those programs.”

“We were doubling the system requirements for a base-level Windows with every release, which turned out to be every three or four years. We looked at the ARM processor and what was available and we looked at the Windows codebase and realised they were in sync. When you look at the RAM usage, number of processes or disk blueprint, those are all the same as what you see on the current crop of slates.”

This is a risky route that Mircosoft are planning to take, a universal system that works across the board could be a stroke of genius, but then again with Apple and Google opting for both desktop and mobile versions it seems that someone will come off worse, but who?

Source [Zdnet]