The Daleks are here

It is quite apt that as the new series of Doctor Who gets going that we find this brilliant full size replica of a Dalek. It has been carefully produced to the original BBC plans for the machine! although it is hollow inside it is not recommended that any rides inside the machine as there is nothing less dignified than a out of control Dalek roll down a hill, screaming like a little child!

Product Features for the life size Dalek replica;

Officially licensed replica dalek

Manufactured by hand to order

Made from same moulds and specifications as the original Daleks

Ball-jointed arms

Plunger arm extends in and out

Dome rotates 360°

Built on small casters for ease of movement

Dimensions: Measures approximately 160cm (H) x 86.4cm (W) x 109.2cm (D)

Priced at £3,000

Source [Nerd Approved]