Trading cards go digital

Trading cards have been around for years, but for anyone who does not know, these are sets of cards that follow a certain theme and in most cases, the only way to get the entire set is to swap duplicate cards with other collectors, hence trading!

However, the company behind most of these cards is Panini and they have gone digital with the help of the Recom Group. The new system will feature a thick card with built in display and an internal memory of 2 GB. These will come preloaded with sports stars, but if this is not the user’s idea of fun then it can be overwritten with whatever the user desires.

According to Jason Howarth, the Vice President of Marketing for Panini America;

“We had a number of goals with Panini HRX but the overarching theme throughout every stage of development was to ensure we maintained the integrity of a trading card, and incorporated compelling content and video that was both relevant and brought sports fans closer to the world’s best athletes,”

He finished off by saying,

“Lastly, we wanted to make sure that there was a level of uniqueness and collectability with every Panini HRX card.”

The bad news is that these will not be going on sale, as they are only available with a voucher placed randomly in the packets of Panini cards.

Source [Gajitz]