Copenhagen Suborbitals join the Space Race

Nasa’s Space Shuttle may only have on flight to go before they become museum pieces, but the space race is far from being over in fact in private hands the race to get into orbit has only just begun!

We know that there is Virgin Galactic and SpaceX too, but what about the two self-employed engineers from Demark, Kristian von Bengtson and Peter Madsen, they run Copenhagen Suborbitals and last year the test of their HEAT X1 rocket ended last year in failure, but now they are back.

This time the rocket has been checked and double checked before being towed out into the Baltic Sea by the Nautilus a submarine built by the tow guys behind Copenhagen Suborbitals.

The rocket cost around £50,000 to build and finally it has become the latest space craft to take to the skies, although it failed to reached fifteen kilometres and the parachute failed to open for a soft landing, the test flight has been hailed a success and Copenhagen Suborbitals have become the latest team to join the space race.

Source [Geeky Gadgets]