Google improves Image Search

Google appear to always be looking to improve the service that is offering consumers and users, but many of these changes seem to go unnoticed by the average user. However, with Google Image Search any change is going to be noticed straight away.

The idea with these new changes is the speed at which the results are returned, users expect a fast response and with these new changes, this is going to happen.

So it seems that that Google are trying and in many ways succeeding in making search so much easier for everyone and now users are no longer required to click on the images to bring up the full sized version.

Here is what Google had to say about this announcement on the official Google Search blog;

Starting this week, we are making it easier to quickly find great images right in your Google search results. Drawing from last year’s broader update to Google Images, we’ve integrated many of the features we introduced at that time into our main search results. Images will now appear in a tiled layout, with hover previews that give you a larger thumbnail and more information about a particular image

Source [Ubergizmo]