Keeping your valuables safe on holiday

Being on holiday is usually a time to forget all of your worries and relax, but that is hard to do when you are worried about losing your stuff so what should have been a relaxing time often means that you are returning home more tired than you were when you first went away.

However, these seemingly simple flips could be the answer to those holiday blues! They have a secret compartment built into the sole that is large enough to store credit cards, ID, keys and of course cash! You that you are safe so long as the ArchPort Flip Flops are on your feet!

These are the features and details for the ArchPort Flip Flops with hidden storage;

ArchPort Flip Flops with Hidden Storage. Never worry about lost keys, cash, or credit cards when you do not have any pockets! The YogiStash contains compartments in the soles, suitable for carrying credit cards, identification, cash, keys or other items. Originally designed for trips to yoga so that you don’t need to carry a wallet or purse, and perfect for anytime you want your hands free on cruises, poolside or walking the boardwalk! Keep things organized Includes nylon wallet clip that can carry several credit card sized items and a key! The storage Opening is 3.5 long, 2.25 wide, .25-.5 high (varying to scale the arch area). Built to Last, Made for Comfort Made from all synthetic water resistant materials. The thick sole provides outstanding arch support and stability, while the light polyurethane material, weighs only 25 ounces (XL size). For added comfort there is a soft cushioned lining. Available in Blue and Black

Priced at around £40

Source [Incredible Things]