Poop Freeze the easy way to pick up!

When your dog does their business in a place where they are not supposed to or in an area where the law says that the owner has to pick up and dispose of waste, then this is the sort product that could come in very handy indeed.

This is Poop Freeze and it does exactly what it says on the can, making it easy to pick up and dispose of. So no more warm and slippery stuff getting under your finger nails, it reduces odour and is eco friendly too, which has to be a bonus!

Poop Freeze must be one of the only essential tools needed in the home or out in the park, it makes dog walking so much more civilised and according to the manufacturer, it will not do any harm to the surrounding vegetation either.

These are the details of the product that every pet owner needs at sometime;

For Dog, Cat & Bird Poop

Chills to – 62° F

No CFC’s to destroy the ozone

Does not harm vegetation

Can be used indoors or outdoors

Environmentally friendly

Priced at around £8 from Amazon UK

Source [X Treme Geek]