The First Solar Powered Laptop!

Here we have a dual solar panel laptop designed by the Industrial Designer Andrea Ponti, this is a concept design that was shortlisted in Fujitsu’s 2011 design competition.

It is called the Luce Solar Panel Powered PC; it has a solar panel on the back of the lid and a smaller solar below the touch screen keyboard for additional solar power.

There is no confirmation if Fujitsu are planning to being this clear polycarbonate laptop or not, but if they don’t go with it, then sure enough some other manufacturer will have the vision to see that this has potential!

Apple for one have already applied for a patent that uses daylight to power a laptop display, so this technology is out there and viable, the only question is when will the price be right so that a laptop can be made that is both reliable and affordable too!

Source [Pinoy Tutorial]