E3 2011 Kinect: Star Wars

I love events like the E3 there is some much new information around on so many different topics that sometimes it is just too hard to decide what to go with first of all, then I see this demo of Kinect: Star Wars and the decision was made.

This game is much awaited by fans and judging on the video and screenshots you simply cannot blame them either. This is the closest way to becoming a Jedi knight without actually having to travel to a distant galaxy and back in time all at once.

These are the details on the Star Wars game but you already know this don’t you?;

Enter the Galaxy – True to the Star Wars you know and love, stunning visuals transport you into the Star Wars universe.

Use the Force – Drawing on iconic moments from the motion pictures, Kinect Star Wars allows you to enter the Star Wars universe and experience a wide variety of physical play.

Customize Your Training – Experience the breadth of the Star Wars universe as you wield a Light sabre

Join Forces – Share the Force with friends through co-op, competitive and duel modes. Easy in-out lets a second player instantly join the action.

Authentic Star Wars Detail – Iconic ships, creatures, enemies, environments, and characters.

Source [Games Trailers]