How to turn off Facebook Tag Suggestions

Anyone who has followed this will know that all new Facebook Tag Suggestions feature that was switched on yesterday is basically a facial recognition tagging feature that has been enabled to all user accounts without any prior warning.

Scared! well some people are, because this means that if a users opts to tag groups in an album, Facebook will then automatically search the database and group together similar faces as suggested friends to tag, are you scared now! We there is an easy way out and it does not involve closing your Facebook account!

Here is how you can easily sort out the problem by simply following the instructions below;

Go to your privacy settings

Click “ Customise settings ”

Scroll down to “ Things others share ”

Find “ Suggest photos of me to friends ”

Edit accordingly.

It is as simple as that to do, so despite what others are saying about these features, just go ahead and turn the feature off, no more worries!

Source [Geeky Gadgets]