Info graphics are bad for the internet

Following on from the last post, it seems that not only are info graphics a vehicle for spammers, it seems that info graphics are ruining the internet too. These two claims mean that unlike anything else on the internet, info graphics are the one thing that should be banned and therefore this will prevent spam and traffic being directed to sites that do not deserve it.

Surely, this cannot be true, but what if it was? Have we been fooled by an elaborate scheme to dupe us into thinking that info graphics are a good source of information and offer an easy way to understand a whole range of different subjects?

According to the producers of this image, info graphics offering the reader little or no value in information and are therefore ruining the internet. I am inclined not to show the info graphic now, but here it is for you to judge for yourselves if info graphics are ruining the internet or not!

Source [Less Everything]