Kinect gets voice control

To many die hard gamers any motion control system is for kids, it makes no matter what console is being used either! To be fair it is true not because of the equipment but because of the games have you seen some of the games on the Wii and for use with the Kinect?

However announced at the E3 2011 Expo event in Los Angeles, Microsoft have been showing off their new voice control feature for the Kinect, this brings the device right back into the mainstream gamers market and seeing it being used with Mass Effect 3 is goes without saying that it is truly fantastic.

It will be interesting to see how this feature is adapted by the games producers and how the game play develops over time, is this a feature that will last the test of time or simply fall at the first hurdle? we shall have to wait and see how gamers react to it.

Source [Geeks are Sexy]