Dundee offers Masters in Comic Studies

A new one year course will starting at the University of Dundee, the course run by the English department will offer a Masters in Comic Studies, not comedians but actual comics! The idea is that those on the course will study how comics have made an impact on the wider world of art and pop culture. Once completed the student can if desired take a PhD in comic studies. Although it would seem that not everyone it seeing the funny side of this course.

According to Dr Chris Murray, who is the editor of the Studies in Comics journal;

“This is a very exciting time for comics scholarship, and I am delighted to be able to offer this postgraduate course on comics.

“This is a unique opportunity to give this important medium the attention it deserves, and to allow those with an interest in comics to study it in detail.”

“Employability is an important consideration for any postgraduate programme, and it lies at the heart of what we aim to do with this course.

“There will be practical advice on publishing and developing a career as a comics scholar, writer or artist, and we hope to arrange work placements for students.”

The one year Masters in Comic Studies will begin this September.

Source [BBC]