What is the average age of gamers?

Whenever the media ever discuss gamers, they nearly always show images of youngsters playing on their games consoles. but it seems despite this image of school aged kids spending hours on online playing against their pals from school on the PS3 or Xbox, this is wrong because it would seem that the average age of gamers in the US is thirty seven (37), while the average age of games purchasers is forty one (41), it must be similar in the UK. However, it does pose another question, how wrong can the media be?

According to James Steyer, the CEO and founder of Common Sense Media;

“The results of this poll clearly show that not only do the effects of ultraviolent or sexually violent games weigh heavily on the minds of parents but also that parents feel that the video game industry isn’t doing nearly enough to protect kids from accessing the most ultraviolent games,”

Therefore, the image of twelve year old kids playing games into the night could not be further from the truth, game on!

Source [CNet]