Are kids becoming addicted to technology?

Experts are warning that kids of today are fast becoming addicted to technology, this comes as VTech prepare to launch its latest device the InnoTab a touch screen tablet computer aimed at kids aged between four and seven!

These are the features of the VTech InnoTab the touch screen device aimed at four to nine year olds;

Initially called “InnoPad”, VTech’s InnoTab is packed full of exceptional features, many of which are also found on its more expensive adult counterpart. For a start it features a real 5-inch touch screen with crystal-clear display. It also comes with many integrated applications such as an MP3 player, calendar, address book, calculator, notepad – and even a clock that can be programmed using a personal voice alarm.

There are those that feel this is a good thing and then there are those who feel that too much dependency on technology.

According to Dr Aric Sigman, who is a fellow of the Royal Society of Medicine, he claims that;

‘It’s absolutely imperative that children spend as much time as possible interacting with real people, particularly looking at their parents’ faces and picking up facial and voice cues and gaining eye-to-eye contact. If they don’t, they don’t learn to speak as well and they don’t learn how their behaviour affects others.’

However, according to the Literacy expert Sue Palmer, who is the author of Toxic Childhood, she said;

‘It will make it harder for them to learn to read and write. This is a long, slow process that is fundamentally boring to begin with and involves a lot of physical co-ordination and rallying of different parts of the brain.”

Source [Daily Mail]