New UFO Video Evidence

A few days ago in broad daylight three UFO’s were spotted by hundreds of New Yorkers as these three shining objects drifting over Manhattan, a few days later what seems to be the same three flying objects appear at night over El Paso in Texas. Once again, unexplained bright lights are in the sky flying in formation, with no reasonable explanations or anyone coming forward with a decent explanation.

According to users on Gizmodo there are perfectly good explanations at to what these lights actually are;

“They are magnesium flares on parachutes. They are used to light up battle fields. A single mortar is launched, then the three flares ignite, and drift down on parachutes. Then they burn out and go dark. Odds are there was some national guard training going one.”

“Yes, it’s skydivers, specifically the US Army’s Golden Knights skydiving team from US Marine airbase Miramar practicing for this weekend’s Alamo Airsho,”

So much for them being visitors from another galaxy then!

Source [MNN]