Torchwood – Oswald Danes

These are the words spoken by the character in the promo video;

My name is Oswald Danes, you might have heard of me. Fifteen days ago, I was executed, and that was just the beginning of my journey. Now, I have risen from my past, I have been forgiven, I have been blessed. Now, my new life can began. So trust me, the government has failed us, corporations have robbed us, so trust me when I say that miraculous days call for miraculous people, and I have such discoveries waiting to be made, so walk with me, walk with me, come with me on the next great leap for mankind, walk in my side. I know, what they’re doing. I know, what the miracles for. God help you, God help every last one of you.

One word I keep hearing, this one word. Torchwood.

Source [Doctor Who News]