It’s all stand and mirrors for Hipoflex!

This is neat little device that with the careful placing of mirrors means that the iPhone user is able to take an image or video from a more relaxed position and therefore this should mean that the quality is far better.

The Hipoflex is basically a stand with the mirror section built in this directs the images to the devices lens. At the moment this is in the design stages, in fact of there is anyone out there interested in backing the idea it can be found on Kickstarter.

The Hipoflex can be used to: take pictures and videos while holding the iPhone 4 in the same position you hold it when texting, take candid shots, record a lecture, performance or presentation when used as a stand: no shaking and no tripod! Prop up your iPhone 4 to watch a movie, use FaceTime or do some work

It is hoped that once fully funded the Hipoflex may retail at around £15, but we shall have to wait and see on that one!

Source [Oh Gizmo]