The Replay XD1080

This is the second generation version of the Replay XD camera, the main difference being that the Replay XD1080 Camera comes with full high definition. This means that you still get all of the coolness of earlier version but not you can capture all of the action in full HD! Attach this to almost anything, such as a bike, crash helmet, dog’s collar or even your cars dash and you will find that you have up to two hours of video content stored on a 4 GB microSDHC card!

These are the features and specs for the Replay XD1080 high definition camera;

Replay XD1080 Camera

HeimLock adjustable mount

LowBoy fixed mount

2 Flat Base VHB SnapTrays

2 Curved Base VHB SnapTrays

4GB microSDHC Card

microSDHC USB Reader

USB Cable

HDMI Cable

Univ. USB DC Wall Adapter

Car USB Charger

User Guide

2 Decals

Silk Camera Bag

Ballistic Nylon Carrying Case

Camera Safety Leash

Priced at £185 ($300)

Source [Cool Material]