Double Function iPad Case

There are many iPad cases out there that claim to do one thing or another, but once the buyer gets it home, it seems that suddenly the case is more or less good for nothing and that is disappointing to say the least. But here is the iHome iDM71 iPad 2 case with NXT stereo speakers, it does exactly what it says, it is a stylish case made from a fake or faux leather style material and comes with a couple of built in speakers too! The speakers are flat in design so they have no effect on the thickness of the case, while they are powered by an independent battery that is charged via a USB connection.

These are the details for the iHome iDM71 iPad 2 case with NXT stereo speakers;

Faux-leather agenda style case

Flat NXT external stereo speakers

6-position stand

Protective silicone inner sleeve

Storage pouch and Velcro fasteners

Rechargeable lithium-ion battery with USB charging cable

Priced at £62 ($100)

Source [Ubergizmo]