Google cranks up the speed of search

It is looking like the search giant Google has been tweaking up their service to make search even faster and easier. Anyone using instant pages will already know that the search results are faster, in fact according to Google they have managed to shave off up to five seconds from the time it takes for a page to load.

According to Google fellow Amit Singhal, speaking at the Inside Search event in San Francisco,

“We at Google will not be happy until we make the Web as easy to flip through as a magazine. We are obsessed with speed. We often say speed is still the killer app,”

However, they are also looking at introducing voice activated search; this will speed things up even more and is ideal for Smartphone and mobile phone users.

Mike Cohen, the manager of speech technology at Google said,

“Arguably speaking is the most natural way we learn to express our needs. It remains to be seen what kinds of usage scenarios may be important when it comes to the desktop. As the data comes in we will learn (that) over time,”

Source [BBC]