Play 3D games on a 2D TV

It is amazing how 3D has taken off, but forget about movies for a minute because the big 3D issue is in the gaming arena, this is where 3D really comes into own, but there is the issue of cost. There is no doubt that 3D equipment is expensive, but for the gamer who wants to play 3D on a 2D television, there is the TriOviz SDK INFOCOLOR 3D Eyewear glasses. These have been especially designed to do the job, they are slightly different to regular 3D glasses but if they do the job, who is going to care!

These are the features and details for the TriOviz SDK INFOCOLOR 3D Eyewear glasses;

Live a 3D experience on 2D TV screens without any additional equipment – You can watch movies with your family or play video games in 3D on your current equipment with INFICOLOR™ 3D glasses, as only attachment.

Ease of use – INFICOLOR™ 3D glasses do not require the use of complex electronic material. Most of the 2D HD TVs works perfectly with this technology. Just some adjustments on colour, brightness and contrast settings, and Bob’s your uncle.

Quality 3D glasses at an affordable price – The unit price of the glasses is extremely competitive. Light and beautifully-made, they are suitable for children as well as for adults.

A visual comfort with or without glasses – The new generation of glasses has been designed with your visual comfort in mind. Unlike the broadcasting of 3D contents on 3D TVs, the specific treatment of the stereoscopic image by TriOviz ensures a visualization without discomfort, nor any visual tiredness, and the displayed image is easily visible with or without glasses.

Priced at around £20

Source [Coolest Gadgets]