Portable Gaming Heaven

On some occasions, we have no choice but to leave the games console, this can be for work, college or just a day out, but you always know that at some point in the day, you will back and that controller will be heating up once more.

So what happens when you have to go away, maybe for a long weekend at relatives or the family holiday, you could be talking become without gaming for a week or two, how does that make you feel?

Well, fear not for there is the G155 Mobile Gaming Environment, this is a super strong case with built in 15.5 inch LED HD display and HDMI port, simply add your console, cables and controllers, select your favourite games and sit back for gaming heaven! There is only one factor in this otherwise fantastic opportunity, the case costs around £300!

Product features of the G155 Mobile Gaming Environment:

Self-contained mobile gaming environment

Supports Xbox 360/360S and PS3 Slim

Strap in your gaming console, store your accessories, select your favourite games, and you’re good to go

Integrated 15.5″ LED HD display, with HDMI connection: catch every detail of your favourite games and movies

Straps and fitted foam base: hold your console firmly in place while also allowing for proper ventilation

Integrated stereo speakers and dual 3.5 mm headphone jacks: blast the sound or keep it to yourself

Rugged case: protects all your gaming gear from minor impacts

Storage bags: hold your controllers, power supplies, and other accessories while travelling

Lightweight design complies with TSA regulations and airline carry-on guidelines

Dimensions: Measures approximately 57.2cm (W) x 43.2cm (H) x 22.9cm (D)

Priced at £299.99 in the UK and $483 in the US

Source [Oh Gizmo]