Stop iPhone Owners Recording Live Events

Imagine you are a promoter of a live event and want to make the most of the revenues available to you, such as a recording of the event. However, this content is already available on social networking sites, so who will buy it now!

But never mind, because as the saying goes “There is an app for that” well not exactly an app as such but Apple are planning to introduce software that will shut down the iPhones camera if it senses that the user is about to record a live event.

So how does the iPhone know that the user is about to record a concert? Simple the venue installs infra red sensors, if they are active, anyone holding up an iPhone in an attempt to record a few minutes to show their friends will find that the devices camera has been shut down.

Of course, there are two winners here, the artists and the other people at the concerts who are faced with a hundred of phone screens pointing at them. This software would also give Apple some excellent negotiating terms with record labels and venue owners too!

Source [Daily Mail]