Virgin warns customers about virus

The cable phone, TV and broadband provider Virgin Media has issued a warning to around 1500 customers that their computers have been infected with a malicious virus.

It turns out that these customers have been victims of the SpyEye Trojan, this can be particularly menacing as it attempts to steal the data used to login for online banking services.

According to a Virgin Media spokesperson;

“It’s a small number compared to the four million customers we have, but regardless of that, because of the seriousness it’s still important to communicate with our customers.”

Virgin Media are believed to be the only internet service provider to issue its customers regarding viruses on their computers. The company continued by saying;

“The category we are looking at are the ones that put our customers at most risk or the ones that will steal from them,”

The ISP has sent out letters to those affected and they are urging them to check or update their computers security software.

Source [BBC]