Zombies invade Leicester

It had to happen, only a few days after Leicester City Council revealed that is no contingency plan in place should a Zombie break out occur, the city centre has been invaded by Zombies, who would think it!

Around 150 brain dead Zombies trolled the city centre ending up at the councils offices where they pressed their faces up against the glass in true Zombie fashion!

According to the organiser of the event, James Dixon,

“We went for a shamble. We shambled from the clock to the city council offices – about half a mile through the city centre.

This was a well natured Zombie attack, with no harm done, just a red face council it would seem.

“There were just a couple of security guards at the building. We didn’t try to get inside – just pressed ourselves up against the glass like zombies do.

And as any good Zombie would do,

“A few of us are in the pub now – it’s been a really good day.”

Source [BBC]