Google Science Fair quarter-finalists announced

The final fifteen quarter finalists for the 2011 Google Science Fair have been chosen, these finalists will now be flown over to the Googleplex in Mountain View, California for the Google Science Fair event that takes place on the 11th July. The fair was open to all students aged from thirteen to eighteen from all around the world and seven thousand five hundred applied for the chance, but they have now been condensed right down to just fifteen.

These are the fifteen finalists for the 2011 Google Science Fair;

Michelle Guo, USA, for her project on the effect of cinnamon on ?-amyloid combating Alzheimer’s Disease;

Anand Srinivasan, USA, for his project studying direct brain interfacing of artificial prosthesis via electroencephalography (EEG);

Lauren Hodge, USA, for her work in identifying inhibitors of carcinogenic Heterocyclic amines (HCAs) in grilled chicken by varying marinades;

Daniel Arnold, USA, for his tests of fixed and spring switches in cause and prevention of train derailments;

Luke Taylor, South Africa, for his work programming robots to understand and execute commands given in natural human language.

In the 15-16 age category the five quarter-finalists are:

Dora Chen, USA, for her invention of a facial recognition and audio analysis program compiling important events for patients with dementia or communication disorders;

Naomi Shah, USA, for her study on effects of air pollution on asthma sufferers;

Harine Ravichandran, India, for a study of solutions to power sags;

Gavin Ovsak for his work on a fully-submersible geared water turbine;

Skanda Koppula, USA for designing a preliminary system to collect physical marine data about the ocean floor.

Finally, in the 17-18 age category the quarter-finalists are:

Shree Bose, USA, for a study to increase the efficiency of cisplatin, an ovarian cancer chemotherapy drug;

Christopher Nielsen, Canada, for his invention of an inexpensive alternative to current geo-positioning systems;

Vighnesh Leonardo Shiv, USA, for creation of algorithms making it easier to analyze and transcribe music;

Shaun Lim Hsien Yang, Singapore, for a study identifying the effect of UV light on sunflowers as a natural herbicide;

Matthew Morris, USA, for the invention of an improved hydrodynamic sailboat keel.

Source [Gizmag]