The Swoop Owl plush iPhone cover

This is for anyone who takes their iPhone to bed with them, yes, there are people like that around, and of course, I take my Blackberry, which is much more softer and cuddly! However, for you iPhone owners this is ideal, it cushions the device from being squashed and yet it makes it available to the user through a clear pocket!

Currently the Swoop Owl Plush iPhone cover is not available in the stores, but you can become a backer of the project through the Kickstarter scheme where for $25 you qualify for one of the first special edition Swoop Owls once they are in production.

These are the features and specs for the Swoop Owl plush iPhone cover;

Do you sleep with your iPhone? Swoop the Owl™ is the first mobile plush for iPhone and iPod touch. Swoop is a stuffed animal for your iPhone. He’s cuddly in bed, great for kids, and a wonderful gift. Swoop is currently a project on Kickstarter. We need your help in getting him produced! If you’d like to support us, please visit our Kickstarter page.

Source [Coolest Gadgets]