How much power does the internet use?

For many people using the internet would seem to be the green alternative to face to face meetings, going shopping and doing just about anything else that we would do in the real world, but is it! This interesting video explains in great details just how much power we use simply surfing the net or downloading huge files, the results are quite interesting and unexpected.

This is the team behind the How Green is your Internet video;

How Green Is Your Internet? from Patrick Clair on Vimeo.

Written and voiced by Dan Ilic

Directed and designed by Patrick Clair

This was made for HungryBeast on ABC TV

Executive Producers: Andrew Denton and Anita Jacoby

Produced by: Zapruder’s Other Films and the Australian Broadcasting Corporation

ABC Executive Producer: Sophia Zachariou

Series Producer: Andy Nehl

Post Production Supervisor: Richard Fabb

Chief of Staff/Script Editor: Jon Casimir

Assistant Editor / Tracklay: Vaughan Smith

Audio Post: Evan Horton

Jikou Sugan

Source [Geeks are Sexy]