FBI Targets Scareware Scammers

For those who do not know, scareware is a programme that interrupts your surfing telling you that your computer is infected. it comes up when you accidently visit an infect webpage, most people must have a seen it and many actually do follow the instructions on the screen thinking that it is a genuine programme generated from their own computer.

Anyway the FBI appear to have had enough this and are going after the people behind the scareware tactics by tracking them down in France, Germany, Latvia, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Sweden, the United Kingdom and the U.S.A.


In fact, it looks like it could be working, because recently police forces have been conducting raids seizing computers and servers that have been involved in netting around £45 million for the gangs.

According to the Assistant Director of the FBI’s cyber division, Gordon Snow;

“Scareware is just another tactic that cyber criminals are using to take money from citizens and businesses around the world,”

It is estimated that this particular scam, could have stole millions of pounds from unsuspecting victims, as well as being able to sell on their financial and personal data too, it just never ends and could be a total nightmare for the victims of this type of crime.

Source [BBC]