LulzSec say Cleary is not the man!

There has been a lot of coverage over the arrest and charging off the nineteen year old, Ryan Cleary from Wickford in Essex, but the group behind these attacks on high profile websites, claim that he is only very loosely connected with the organisation. According to the Metropolitan Police, Cleary has been charged with five offences under the UK law regarding cyber attacks and cyber crime.

However, could this boy be responsible for single handily attacking Serious Organized Crime Agency, the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry, and the British Phonographic Industry? The attacks used the denial of service attack (DoS attack) or distributed denial of service attack (DDoS attack) principle where zombie networks of computers are directed to flood servers with requests until they eventually crash.

As for Cleary’s membership of the very serious LulzSec group, they say that his involvement is very loose, to the extent that he owns a LulzSec Chat room on his own Internet Relay Chat (IRC) server. Ryan Cleary will be appearing in court at Westminster today, when we shall be hearing more about the charges related to the case.

Source [BGR]