What will be the top gTLDs

We mentioned yesterday that the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers or ICANN as it is more popularly known, would be making it possible for businesses and individuals to register  (gTLDs) with almost any suffix, so this begs the question which ones will become the most valuable and popular.

These are the domains that are expected to be in the greatest demand;

.sex; .porn; .bootycall; .games; .music; .movies; .apps; .buy; .sell; .stocks; .kids; .kid; .everything; .images; .videos; .news; .shopping; .books; .places; .blogs; .realtime; .discussions; .recipes; .patents; .health; .fashion; .cloud and finally there simply has to be .love

So now that you know almost anything can be made into a top level domain name, what would your first choice be for a personal or business website?

Source [PC Mag]