You have seen the ad now get the app

The new Cadbury advert in the TV is one of those that sort of sticks in your mind without you actually realising it, which must be the sign of a good advert in the first place.

However, due to the interest, Cadbury have decided to bring a cool app for the iPhone, this is where the iPhone owners get to choose the music or maybe even sing with the dancing clothes, whatever method chosen the best thing is being able to all of this fin with your friends. Chocolate, music and singing, it doesn’t get much better than that, or does it? Let us know what you think about this app!

According to the description on the iTunes site;

Cadbury Dairy Milk Dancing Clothes: You got to get up to get down! Join the Cadbury Dairy Milk clothes as they dance to your favourite tunes. Share with your friends and even sing to the clothes and watch them move!

This is a free app and is available to download from the Apple iTunes Store

Source [Cadbury]