Folding Electric Bike

This is something that has so many uses, because first of all it is an electric bike with a 15 mph top speed and a range of about 25 miles or 12 miles if you want to get back! However, the most interesting feature is the design, it actually looks like a Swiss Army knife and yet that has just happened through chance rather than design.

These are the specs and details for the handy fold up Voltitude bike;

The Voltitude bike takes the best from city scooters.

Low gravity centre makes it easy to ride

Wide wheels adapted to urban hazards

Powerful hydraulic disc brakes

Rear-wheel drive

Integrated anti-theft lock

Built-in front and rear lighting

The Voltitude bike takes the best from e-bikes.

Electric pedal assistance (pedelec)

Zero emission drive


Unbeatable energy cost per km

No license, no registration, optional bicycle helmet

Free to use all bike lanes

The price is expected to be around £3,000 or $4,300 but could change before launching

Source [Gajitz]