Get Noticed with a Flashing LED Board

This is great idea for bars, clubs and just about any business or organisation that has a message that they want to get across to the consumer, maybe a special offer of something. However, forget just a plain old black board; this is the exciting Flashing Board. The user has a choice of seven coloured LED pens that bring the fantastic colours that make the Flashing Board appear so interesting and attractive to passers by, can anyone afford not to consider one or two of these for the business?

These are the features for the Flashing LED Board;

Features of the Flashing LED Board:

Size: 23″ x 18″ x 0.5″

Seven colours of LED lights / various flashing modes

All flash speeds (fast or slow) can be adjusted by a touch of a button

The writing surface is a High-Hardness Abrasion resistant PMMA board

Anti-scratch and high transparence

Black Aluminium Alloy Outer frame

Super thin and lightweight makes it easy to ship

The ability to use fluorescent pens for special wording

Easy to erase-just clean with a soft towel or tissue

Can be used over and over again



Prices are available upon demand for exports, in the US a board can cost around $70!

Source [Flashing Boards]